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Reducing the cost of energy storage to make competitive energy mixes 100% renewable without CO2 emissions.

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Investment cost: 20 times cheaper than batteries, 10 times cheaper than pumped storage hydroelectricity. Capital cost =  $25/kWh (4000 meters depth) and $50/kWh (2000 meters depth)

Energy efficiency: > 80% total roundtrip.

No technical barrier: just buy existing components and put together.

No environemental impact: no land use, no chemical contamination.

You can challenge our economic assumptions. The cost structure of one of the OGRES variants, is available through this link.




For locations far from the sea (> 500 km) Giant pumped-storage hydroelectricity is also an option with an acceptable cost and land use. Unlike conventional pumped-storage, it can be developed almost everywhere, even in flat areas. Open pit mine like réservoirs and economy of scale make the cost of energy storage can be lower than $220 / kWh for 50 GWh units.

The affordable energy transition